Gohmert, Easy R

This book is built on the premise that anyone can learn to use the R software. The authors emphasize using R to do useful things like writing papers and reports, creating data and graphs, accessing datasets collected by others, preparing data, and conducting simple data analysis. After a first chapter on installing the software and project setup, the second chapter shows how to write an essay using R Markdown, rewarding readers with an immediate tangible result, and taking the fear out of working with a new software. After walking readers step by step through data creation, visualization, preparation, access, and exploration across the next four chapters, the book ends on a high note of writing an empirical research paper in R. Student-friendly language and examples (e.g. binge-watched shows on Netflix, top 5 songs on Spotify), cumulative learning and repetition across chapters, and practice exercises make this a must-have guide for a variety of courses where data is used and reports need to be written (including, but not limited to intro statistics and research methods). 

Resources from the book are available below:



We gratefully acknowledge Elizabeth Gohmert, Quan Li, and Douglas Wise for writing an excellent text and providing these materials.