Gillespie, R for Statistics

A Guide to R for Social and Behavioral Science Statistics is a short, accessible book for learning R, geared toward social and behavioral science students. Instructors Brian Gillespie, Kathleen Hibbert, and William E. Wagner, III, have combined a review of introductory statistics with an introduction to R to teach readers two of the most valuable skills for research and in the workplace. Designed for readers with no knowledge of statistics or R, A Guide to R for Social and Behavioral Science Statistics follows the most common progression of statistics, starting with basic descriptive statistics, and continuing up through inferential statistics and regression. This text provides step-by-step instructions for working with R, starting with downloading and installing R and RStudio®, featuring code and output so readers can follow along with each step. Readers can apply their knowledge with examples and exercises featuring data from the General Social Survey in each chapter. Tips on R show users how to avoid common pitfalls in R and most efficiently use the RStudio interface. With frequent reminders of statistical concepts to accompany instructions and tips in R, this text helps readers master R for statistics in the social and behavioral sciences.


Resources from the book are available below:

The R Scripts for Chapters 1-12:

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We gratefully acknowledge Brian Gillepsie, Kathleen Hibbert, and William E. Wagner III for writing an excellent text and providing these materials.