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Videos from experts on how to tackle certain aspects of SPSS, from entering data and defining variables in SPSS to creating a scatterplot.

Weblinks including blogs, datasets and webpages, are carefully curated to provide students with the most relevant research material and updates in the field.

Annotated Further Reading for each chapter which directly compliment the subject matter for every chapter and support further study.

IR Dataset compiled from UN Human Development statistics. It collects a wide variety of data to measure development and quality of life beyond economic indicators.

Syntax Files that students and instructors can run to get the same outputs. Accompanied by annotations, they work as how-to guides for ensuring that you arrive at the same tables, charts and answers that are in the book.

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Exhibits of Tables and Figures which includes all the tables and figures found in each chapter. These exhibits have been enlarged and resized so that they can be utilised for teaching purposes in large lecture halls. They can be easily reprinted or imported into revision documents for your learning experience.

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