IBM SPSS Statistics Coach (IBM)
You can change the version easily to the version of SPSS you are using. This will walk you through a series of questions to help you determine which function to carry out. Because it is based on a series of questions where you have to choose between options, this is useful when there is a clear-cut answer but will not highlight situations when there is more than one way that you might go about your analysis.

IBM SPSS Statistics Command Syntax Reference (IBM)
This is also accessible through Help > Command Syntax Reference within the software windows. Provides information about every syntax command, including the rules that must be followed for that command. Very useful as a reference guide but not straightforward for getting started.

Adding variables in SPSS (Open University)
This free tutorial from the Open University shows how to create a dataset with your own data in SPSS. You will need to register to access the content.

Getting started with SPSS (Kent State University)
This unit from Kent State University’s SPSS tutorials introduces the main windows of SPSS, importing data, variables types and creating a codebook.