Chapter 13: Global challenges to conflict resolution

Global warming

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is an unusual book that helped to identify many of the issues that have formed our concern about global environment. So did the report of the Brundtland Commission in 1986 Our Common Future, which also brought in the issue of conflict to the environmental issues. David Guggenheim’s film about Al Gore’s campaign, An inconvenient truth from 2006 is still relevant for the environmental issues.

The recent and comprehensive volume by Anil Markandy and Dirk Rübbelke (eds.) 2021. Climate and Development (World Scientific Series on Environmental, Energy and Climate Economics, Vol. 1) contains Chapter 8 on ‘The Climate-Conflict Nexus and the Role of Geographical Spillovers’ that discusses climate effect on conflicts, primarily in a regional context.

Nuclear dangers

For updates on nuclear weapons development, consult the SIPRI Yearbooks, for example, as well as the work of the Federation of American Scientists

There is less recent work on arms control and disarmament of nuclear weapons, but the book by Rupal N. Mehta 2020. Delaying Doomsday: The Politics of Nuclear Reversal. Oxford University Press, points to some possibilities. The recently started Alva Myrdal Centre for Nuclear Disarmament at Uppsala University is important to follow: