Excel Files for Analysis of Data

There are nine different Excel files for use with the analysis of data.  Each of these nine files are listed in Table C.1.  Each file has simple instructions for entering data and reviewing the results.  You can access these nine files by clicking below:

In Table C.1 there is a link to YouTube lectures on how to use the nine Excel files (These presentations are for those who need help with the instructions that are in the Excel file.)  The links to each of these files is contained in one of the columns of Table C.1.

>1 One-Sample T-Test Comparing a Set of Scores with a Single Score

>2 Paired T-Test Comparing a Set of Matched Scores

>3 Independent T-Test Comparing Scores of Two Groups

>4 Chi Square Comparison Group Dichotomous Data

>5 Binomial Test AB Design Dichotomous Data

>6 Standard Deviation Approach AB Design No Slope in Baseline Scores

>7 Binomial Test Pretest-Posttest Dichotomous Data

>8 Binomial Test Posttest Compared to Threshold Dichotomous Data

>9 Pearson Correlation Relationship of Two Interval Variables