Exercise data documentation

Exercise for learning about the importance of data documentation to enable data reuse. In this exercise you assess whether sufficient information is provided by the metadata, data descriptor and accompanying documentation of a dataset to understand what the data mean, how they were created and whether they are fit for the intended reuse. The exercise looks at three different dataset examples. The answers with discussion are also provided.

Exercise creating metadata

Exercise for learning about creating metadata for a dataset, addressing questions such as who created the content, what is the content, when was the content created, how was the content created and why was the content created.

Exercise: Consent for data sharing and reuse

Exercise for learning about statements used in consent forms and to which degree they take data sharing and future reuse of data into account.

Exercise: Assessing consent form statements

Exercise for learning about statements used in consent forms and the implications they have for data sharing.

Ethical decision-making and internet research: recommendations from the AoIR ethics working committee

Ethical guidelines for internet research, developed from the day-to-day practices of researchers in a wide range of disciplines, countries and contexts.