Tools and Templates

QAMyData tool

Tool to assess quality aspects of numeric data files, such as missing variable or value labels, values outlying the listed code values, undefined missing values, etc. Stata, SPSS, SAS and CSV are supported file formats. The tool creates a data health check report. A user can set thresholds in the tool to indicate the level of quality expected (or the level of messiness accepted).

Model qualitative interview transcript

Template for transcribing interviews, with uniform style and layout.

Text anonymization helper tool

Tool to help find disclosive information in textual files. The tool does not anonymize or make changes to data, but uses MS Word macros to find and highlight numbers and words starting with capital letters in text. Finding words which start with capital letters will find capitalized names, companies, addresses, educational institutions, countries and other potentially identifiable information. Numbers can represent age, date of birth and address. All this information could potentially be disclosive and should be reviewed during the anonymization process. The highlighting feature makes it easy to see which part of the text may need anonymizing