UK data service data management checklist

Checklist to help identify best practices for data management and data sharing. This checklist can help with writing a data management plan, as it helps identify what to put in place for good data practices, and which actions to take to optimize data sharing.

UK data service data management costing tool and checklist

Costing tool and checklist to help formulate research data management costs in advance of research starting, for example for inclusion in a data management plan or in preparation for a funding application. This tool considers the additional costs – above standard planned research procedures and practices – that are needed to preserve research data and make them shareable beyond the primary research team. Starting from a list of data management activities and topics considered to be pertinent for data sharing, comments and suggestions are given for each topic to help decide whether additional resources are needed for a particular data management activity, with indicative costs. Resources may be researcher or administrative staff time input, equipment, software, infrastructure or tools.