Tools and Templates

DMP online

Web-based tool developed by the Digital Curation Centre, designed to help researchers develop data management plans according to the requirements of major research funders, publishers or institutional requirements. Using the tool, one can create, store, update and share multiple versions of a data management plan at the grant application stage and during the research lifecycle. Plans can be customized according to funder or institution, and exported in a variety of formats. Funder- and institution-specific best practice guidance is provided to users via a range of tailored templates.


Online tool developed by the California Digital Library to help researchers generate data management plans required by funders. The tool allows researchers to select their institution and research funder and presents a plan template according to that funder’s requirements. Funder-specific and institution-specific guidance and resources for each topic are included. Plans can be exported or shared online.

Data Stewardship Wizard

Online tool to develop Data Management Plans for FAIR Open Science, through questions, hints, external resources and community help.

FAIR self-assessment tool

Online tool to assess the FAIRness of a dataset, i.e. how Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable an existing dataset is, and to determine how to enhance its FAIRness.

  • How can a data management plan contribute to research transparency?