Storage solutions overview

Overview of data storage solutions: portable devices, cloud storage, local storage and networked drives.

Privacy notice for the survey participants, European social survey

Example of a GDPR compliant privacy notice statement for research participants that can be used by researchers to inform participants about how personal data collected about them will be used, stored, processed and/or transferred; who the data controller is (and their contact details); the legal ground and purpose of processing personal data; any recipients of the personal data; the period of retention of the personal data; and the rights participants have.

Recommended informed consent language for data sharing

Guidance form the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, University of Michigan on statements researchers can use in informed consents to describe protection of confidentiality that also allows data sharing.

Internet research ethics

Online book addressing ethical challenges within the field of Internet research. Issues discussed include: voluntary informed consent from research subjects when using the Internet as a data source; privacy of research subjects in a landscape where the traditional public-private distinction is blurred and re-identification is a recurring threat.

Tutorial: low carbon London notebook

Tutorial for learning how to assess the quality of big data files using R.

Tutorial: cleaning smart meter data in R

Tutorial for learning how to assess the quality of big data files and carry out cleaning operations, using R.