Web Exercises

Web exercises direct both instructors and students to useful and current web sites, along with creative activities to extend and reinforce learning or allow for further research on important chapter topics.

  • Media use research: Scroll through this aggregation of recent research on media use by various groups: http://www.frankwbaker.com/mediause.htm 
    What pieces of data are the most interesting to you and why? Which recent changes in media do you think have had the greatest impact and on which groups of Americans?

  • Reading Trends: Examine this data from Pew Research on Americans’ reading habits over time: http://www.pewresearch.org/2013/06/25/library-readers-book-type/ 
    What changes do you observe in Americans’ reading habits and how do these changes correspond to relationships between media and society as described in Chapter 1? How do you compare to your age group in each category? Applying the sociological imagination, why do you think there might be differences across age groups in each category? How do you think these numbers might change in the future and why?