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  • Glocal Scene: This documentary about the global local music scene follows the filmmakers as they connect with and meet musicians around the globe.

  • This Land is Our Land: The Fight to Reclaim the Commons: This documentary looks at the global movement to reclaim the media commons from corporations, in order to support community engagement and the free exchange of ideas and information.

  • Frontline: News War: War of Ideas: This episode looks at the growing impact of Arab news channels in the Middle East, and shows how media plays an important role in information wars in parts of the world other than the U.S.

  • TED Talks: Shereen El Feki: Pop Culture in the Arab World: This talk discusses the hybridization of culture globally, showing how some Arabs are borrowing Western pop culture and adding their own twist.

  • CNN, “K-Pop Goes Global”: CNN's Kyung Lah looks at how South Korea is cranking out pop stars, and how they are achieving global popularity.

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