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Video 1: Interview with Alfred Adler
Description: Alfred Adler discusses Adlerian therapy with children; how to approach treatment with children, how to identify and solve problems in treatment, social interest, and the inferiority complex.

Video 2: Adlerian therapy role-play: The push-button technique
Description: This video features a therapy role-play in which the Adlerian push-button technique is used to help a client understand how to exert influence over emotions using images and thoughts.

Video 3: Rudolf Dreikurs discusses and demonstrates individual psychology: Part 1
Description: Rudolf Dreikurs discusses the framework of individual psychology, focusing on problem-solving techniques. Then, he meets with a mother who is struggling with her little boy.

Video 4: Rudolf Dreikurs discusses and demonstrates individual psychology with a child: Part 2
Description: Rudolf Dreikurs demonstrates individual psychology by counseling a misbehaving child.