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Video 1: Interview with Sigmund Freud
Description: Sigmund Freud discusses the development of psychoanalysis.

Video 2: What is psychotherapy anyway? A dialogue between psychoanalysts
Description: Amira Simha-Alpern and Gerald J. Gargiulo discuss what psychoanalytic therapy is all about, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness in leading a satisfying life. Misconceptions of this style of therapy are also discussed.

Video 3: Susie Orbach on psychoanalysis
Description: Polly McLean interviews Susie Orbach on Relational Psychoanalysis. Orbach discusses her history in psychotherapy, influencers of this style, transference, and what it is like to be a relational psychotherapist.

Video 4: Psychoanalytic therapy session
Description: A simulation of a psychoanalytic therapy session.

Video 5: Countertransference
Description: A psychoanalytic therapy session focused on countertransference and supervision.