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Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy: Rational Emotive Behavior Family Therapy

Video 1: Interview with Debbie Joffe Ellis
Description: Debbie Ellis, wife of the late Albert Ellis (founder of REBT) discusses the notion that we can replace our irrational and dysfunctional belief patterns with rational beliefs that better serve us and improve our lives. She also highlights its parallels with Buddhism, related research, how REBT can help one function and enjoy life, and philosophical influences of REBT.

Video 2: Cognitive behavior therapy with family
Description: This video is a short demonstration of cognitive behavior therapy with a family struggling with the death of a relative. The thought record is used with this family to reduce feelings of guilt.

Solution-Focused Therapy

Video 1: Interview with Insoo Kim Berg: Part 1
Description: Insoo Kim Berg discusses conducting therapy based on a solution-focused approach, and whether she needs to know the client’s problem to help the client find a proper solution.

Video 2: Interview with Insoo Kim Berg: Part 2
Description: Insoo Kim Berg discusses working with a family versus working with an individual when using solution-focused therapy.

Video 3: Interview with Insoo Kim Berg: Part 3
Description: Insoo Kim Berg discusses the first interview with a client, staying open with clients, and offering slightly different point of views for clients when thinking about their situations.

Video 4: Solution-focused therapy: Step by step
Description: Insoo Kim Berg and Norm Reuss discuss solution-focused therapy and its future-focused framework. They then demonstrate this approach with clients suffering from addiction.

Bowen Family Systems Therapy

Video 1: Interview with Murray Bowen
Description: Murray Bowen explains Bowen family systems therapy. He focuses on the differences between individual and systems thinking, with forays into the “ideal parents,” individuality, and togetherness.

Video 2: What is Bowen family systems theory?
Description: Jenny Brown and Linda Mackay give a brief summary of Bowen family systems theory, focusing on the family as a single emotional unit and how a family’s emotional process is interconnected. They also discuss the use of this theory in therapy.

Video 3: Bowenian family therapy
Description: Phillip Guerin skillfully demonstrates ways to engage a closed family system, while highlighting several key principles of Bowenian therapy, including establishing therapeutic safety and connection with each family member, lowering anxiety, utilizing process questions, neutralizing dysfunctional triangles in the family system, and offering relationship experiments.

Video 4: Mario and Luigi illustrate Bowen family systems theory
Description: This video provides a background to Murray Bowen and his beliefs. In addition, a demonstration of Bowenian therapy is provided.

Video 5: Family systems approach to genograms
Description: Conducting a genogram based on family systems theory.

Structural Therapy

Video 1: Salvador Minuchin on family therapy
Description: The founder of Structural Family Therapy, Salvador Minuchin, talks freely about his evolution as a therapist over the past 50 years, as well as the concepts linked with Structural Family Therapy.

Video 2: Structural family therapy case conceptualization
Description: Minuchin conceptualizes a family case.

Video 3: Structural family therapy session
Description: Minuchin conducts structural family therapy.

Experiential Approach

Video 1: Interview with Virginia Satir
Description: Virginia Satir explains the experiential approach when applied to families. She highlights many topics including conflict, hope, peace, and the family’s role in shaping behavior. In addition, she explains how to apply the approach to therapy.

Video 2: Experiential family therapy
Description: This video is a demonstration of experiential family therapy that employs many techniques including the use of props and a family sculpting exercise.

Narrative Therapy

Video 1: Trauma and narrative therapy: A presentation Michael White
Description: Michael White presents the narrative approach to working with trauma survivors. White explores the importance of giving meaning to life events on one’s perception.

Video 2: Narrative therapy excerpt from James Bitter
Description: James Bitter demonstrates a narrative family therapy session with a couple that identified as homosexual and their son.

Video 3: Role-play of narrative therapy
Description: This video is a role-play demonstration of narrative therapy that explores a client’s anxiety.