Marketing a Product Globally: Being an Account Manager for Volkswagen

The following questions are answered in this podcast

00:30 – 02:01 ‘Could you tell us a little about yourself?’

02:05 – 03:24 ‘Working on such an international account, what kind of things do you have to think about?’

03:24 – 05:35 ‘What’s the most enjoyable campaign you’ve worked on?’

05:49 – 08:24 ‘Within your job, do you draw on many of the things you learnt during your marketing studies? Any specific theories, or things that you use on a regular basis?’

08:24 – 12:47 ‘In regards to agencies, how did you ensure that they were the right fit for you? Could you tell us a little bit about your job hunt?’

12:50 – 14:35 ‘What are your plans for the next steps in your career?’

14:35 – 15:54 ‘Is there any other advice you would like to give a recent graduate?’