Running Campaigns and Making Strategic Decisions: Being a Digital Media Account Executive for Google Play

The following questions are answered in this podcast

00:20 – 01:05 ‘Could you tell us a little bit about yourself, your company, the year you graduated, and the course you studied?’

01:06 – 02:00 ‘Could you tell our listeners what your average day or week looks like?’

02:02 – 02:31 ‘Could our listeners hear more about Google Play, and what you are doing for that?’

02:32 – 03:22 ‘Are there any ways in which your job relates to your studies, whether you are BA or about your further studies?’

03:22 – 04:50 ‘Could you tell us about your job hunt and how you went about applying for your first role?’

04:51 – 05:57 ‘Could you tell us about your internships, and the kind of activities you were asked to do on those placements?’

05:58 – 06:14 ‘How did you get your job?’

06:14 – 07:07 ‘Do you know what your career plans for personal development are, either in the short or long term? Do you want to stay in digital media?’

07:07 – 8:11 ‘Do you have any advice for people who are about to graduate from their marketing courses?’