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Article 1

Berger, R.J., Corroto, C., & White, J. (December 2014 ), Embodiment and social difference: A tribute to Laurel Richardson. Qualitative Inquiry, 20 (10).  DOI: 10.1177/1077800414543698

  1. What methodological approach and theoretical framework does Laurel Richardson represent?
  2. What do the articles in this special issue have in common?
  3. Why are the topics covered in this special issue especially appropriate for qualitative inquiry?
  4. What has been Richardson’s contribution to this approach to qualitative inquiry?

Article 2

Charmaz, K. (August, 2014 ) Grounded theory in global perspective: Reviews by international researchers. Qualitative Inquiry, 20 (9), 1074-1084.

  1. What core issues about grounded theory are highlighted in this article?
  2. What are core areas of agreement about grounded theory?
  3. What are primary areas where views of grounded theory diverge?
  4. What is the significance of the “global perspective” in this article?

Article 3

Donna J. Perry, D.J. (August 2013). Transcendental method for research with human subjects: A transformative phenomenology for the human sciences. Field Methods 25(3), 262-282.

  1. What is the distinct niche of transformative phenomenology?
  2. What “transcendental method” is being recommended and what makes it “transcendental”?
  3. What are investigational and interventional qualities?
  4. How does the approach affect both those who conduct studies and those who are studied?

Article 4

Fielding, N.G. (November 2014). Qualitative research and our digital futures. Qualitative Inquiry, 20(9), 1064-1073.

  1. What’s the relationship between social upheaval and new directions in qualitative research?
  2. What new frameworks for qualitative inquiry are being stimulated by the digital age?
  3. What is “citizen research”?
  4. What are “indigenous methods”?