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Article 1

Flyvbjerg, B. (April 2006 ), Five misunderstandings about case-study research. Qualitative Inquiry 12 (2), 219-245.

  1. What are the five misunderstandings?
  2. What are the author’s rebuttals?
  3. From your perspective and experience, which of these misunderstandings is most common in your arena of engagement? Why?
  4. What central message about case studies do you take away from this article?

Article 2

Charles C. Ragin, CC., Shulman, D., Weinberg, A., & Gran, B. (2003). Complexity, generality, and qualitative comparative analysis. Field Methods. 15(4), 323-340.

  1. What is the distinct design approach of Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)?
  2. How does QCA approach complexity?
  3. How does QCA approach generalizations?
  4. How does QCA approach comparisons?

Article 3

Koro-Ljungberg, M. & Bussing, R. (November 2013 ). Methodological modifications in a longitudinal qualitative research design. Field Methods, 25(4), 423-440.

  1. What is a longitudinal qualitative design?
  2. What special problems arise in longitudinal qualitative designs?
  3. What solutions do the authors propose?
  4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of longitudinal qualitative designs?

Article 4

Chouinard, J.A. (July 2014). Understanding relationships in culturally complex evaluation contexts. Evaluation, 20(3), 332-347.

  1. What particular issues and challenges arise in designing and conducting cross-cultural qualitative research an evaluation?
  2. What does the author mean by “culturally complex contexts”?
  3. What is meant by “a problematic”? What three “problematics” are examined and how do they affect qualitative designs?
  4. What is “culturally responsive” qualitative evaluation?