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Welcome to the companion website for Understanding Social Enterprise Theory and Practice, 2nd editon by Rory Ridley-Duff and Mike Bull. This website is designed to support your studies and offers a range or resources for students including:

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About the book

The emergence of social enterprises over the past 35 years has been an exciting and significant development in the economy at a local, national and international level. How should we understand the growing popularity of social enterprise and the wider social economy? Are alternative business models even more relevant in an uncertain business climate? Do they provide a robust response to periods of state 'austerity'? How do social enterprises contribute to global initiatives to improve the sustainability and responsibility of the business community?

Through discussion of theoretical and practical considerations for the field, and a wealth of learning features, this 2nd edition ofUnderstanding Social Enterprise:

  • Focuses on the distinct pathways that social enterprises follow, critiquing the competencies and practices that contribute to a successful social economy
  • Contains updated coverage on sector issues, including the recent development of the social investment industry
  • Explores how private, voluntary and public sector agencies engage the social economy, and how distinctive new forms have emerged from it
  • Examines the management of social enterprises in different contexts within the social economy
  • Contains updated coverage of international issues informed by global studies of the social economies.

Revisions include a new, tripartite structure and two new chapters on 'Marketing and Measuring Social Value' and 'Social Investment and Crowd Funding'.


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