Journal Articles

Manish Bahl (2019) The Future of Businesses and Jobs in Asia Pacific’s Digital Economy. Cognizant.

Asia Pacific businesses are investing more in digital interventions than their counterparts around the world and unlocking far greater rewards. Seizing the full gamut of digital opportunities, however, will require a dedication to a digital-first approach and commitment to a changed mindset that embraces collaboration, new skill acquisition and a rethinking of the man-machine relationship as our latest research report reveals.

The Phnom Penh Post (2009) Top 5 Asian Countries for Starting a Business, January 2019.

Asia is a top location for investors looking to start a business, with some of its main advantages being the available talent pool and investment opportunities, which are growing due to the fact that the region has a large population and it is ever evolving and innovating. This report examines the top five destinations in Asia with an attractive business ecosystem and those that offer interesting business opportunities.

Bong A and Premaratne G (2018) Regional integration and economic growth in Southeast Asia. Global Business Review, 19(6): 1403–1415.

This article examines whether regional integration promotes economic growth in Southeast Asia. It further investigates whether the economic and social factors affect economic growth. Using a panel data set for 43 years (1970–2013) in Southeast Asia, the study used a cross-country growth model using a generalized method of moments in the dynamic panel framework to empirically examine the impact of regional integration on economic growth. The results found that regional integration had a significant effect on economic growth. The results specifically suggest that in order to enhance regional integration and economic growth in the region, public institutions should work towards eliminating corruption and stabilizing macroeconomics and political stability while promoting international trade among member countries.