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Welcome to the companion website for Designing Research in Education, first edition, by Jon Swain. The resources on the site have been specifically designed to support your study.

On this website you will find

  • Weblinks featuring additional case studies, group activities, and external sites
  • SAGE journal articles
  • Annotated research proposals

All these resources are organised according to the relating chapter in the textbook, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Just click on links to the left.


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About the book

This is a clear introduction to the methodological and philosophical debates in the field of education research. It sets out the key ideas, questions, and dilemmas that inform all research and then, through the careful use of case studies and practical advice from experienced researchers, grounds them in the specific concerns of education and educational studies.

Written by experienced academics and teachers the book links broad philosophical principles with practical strategies for designing and conducting ethical and effective research.

Perfect for postgraduate students planning their own research in education, this book will help you to:

  • understand the philosophical foundations of your work
  • conceptualise and refine your research question
  • pick the right methodology for your research
  • embed ethical considerations throughout your research

This book is an ideal companion for any postgraduate student or early career academic conducting research across education and educational studies


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