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Teixeira-Poit, S. M., Cameron, A. E. and Schulman, M. D. (2011). Experiential Learning and Research Ethics: Enhancing Knowledge through Action, Teaching Sociology, 39, (3), pp. 244-258.

Abstract: How can instructors use experiential learning strategies to enhance student understanding of research ethics and responsible research conduct? In this article, the authors review literature on using experiential learning to teach research ethics and responsible research conduct. They present a three-step exercise for teaching research ethics and responsible research conduct using experiential learning strategies. Their primary teaching and learning objective is to broaden student understanding of ethical behavior beyond notions of “right” and “wrong” to a conception of ethical behavior involving thinking critically about all stages of the research process.

Flannery Quinn, S. M. and Manning, J. P. (2013) Recognising the Ethical Implications of the Use of Photography in Early Childhood Educational Settings, Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood September, 14, (3), pp. 270-278.

Abstract: This article examines the use of photography within the profession of early childhood education (including teacher education) and provides a post-structural critique of its use in light of ethical implications, particularly with regard to power relations between the various stakeholders, including children, their families, teachers, schools, school administrations, and state (or national) departments of education. This examination takes a critical stance with regard to photography by recognising the importance of creating a space for considering the benefits and costs of practices with regard to values, such as human agency, respect, dignity, democracy, inclusivity, honesty, and duty.

Rowley, H. (2014) Going beyond procedure: Engaging with the ethical complexities of being an embedded researcher, Management in Education, 28, (1), pp. 19-24.

Abstract: This article is a reflection upon the ethical dimension of my work and practice as an embedded researcher during my doctorate. To begin with, I describe my experiences of gaining ethical approval from The University of Manchester while also highlighting some of the concerns that were raised by the ethics board. This leads me to recognise how the inflexibility of such procedures are problematic for more unusual doctoral arrangements, such as embedded research. I then go on to engage with some of the real ethical complexities that I was forced to deal with as an embedded researcher.