Brain regions in relation to stress and anxiety

Dr John Kenworthy provides a well-constructed and interesting description of how different brain regions interact to help us deal with events that are stressful. Of particular interest here is that peripheral and central factors play together to make sure we adapt to challenges.

Impact of stress on our brain and body

This relatively brief set of videos describe how stress affects our brain and various body systems and have obvious implications for the development of diseases. They are easy to watch and very informative.

How stress affects your brain. Brief

Sympathetic nervous system

How stress affects your body

Basic physiology of stress (Focus on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis)

Chronic stress (influence on biological systems: HPA axis, epigenetics and more)

Chronic stress-physical effects (negative and positive effects of stress reactions. Where things go wrong)

Chronic stress and allostatic load

As you have now heard repeatedly, chronic stressors can undermine various aspects of our well-being. This video narrated by Professor Bruce McEwen, who until his passing not long after this video was made, was the preeminent scientist in the stress field. In this video clip he describes some of the features and consequences of chronic stressors.


Robert Sapolsky’s lectures never disappoint. This video is based on his book ‘Behave’. It is a bit on the long side (1 hour), but worth every minute. His perspectives in this lecture, as in his other books regarding the impact of stressors should not be missed.