Discussion Questions

A. Exercise may be especially beneficial for older individuals and those with physical or mental illnesses. Yet, health care professionals may face certain challenges in implementing exercise regimens for these individuals. Describe some of these challenges and what can be done to overcome them?

B. Poor diets have long been known to be detrimental to well-being. Healthy ‘fad’ diets, as well as the use of multivitamins and herbs have become increasingly popular. Are these reasonable approaches to produce and maintain health? What would you like to see before recommending these approaches?

C. Sleep is essential for emotional regulation. What psychological disorders may result from a loss of sleep? Through what physiological mechanisms might they come about?

D. Many limitations in health research have been seen. What do you believe are the greatest in this regard and what would you recommend in an effort to obtain the most valid and reliable results?

E. The adoption of particular lifestyles has frequently been suggested as being key in the prevention of diseases. Likewise, genetic factors have often been maintained as being fundamental in this regard. Are the two compatible with one another? How might you use both in developing appropriate strategies for the well-being of any given individual?

F. How would you go about enhancing healthy behaviours using social support, particularly social identity? Are there instances in which this can have unintended negative consequences? As an example, think of folks in a nursing home who have been encouraged to exercise as a group. What happens when a viral infection arises that requires them to self-isolate?

G. Are certain diets or exercises regimens beneficial for everyone? When and where would you expect to see differences and how would you deal with these in your own research?

H. There are many occasions where people simply refuse to engage in healthy behaviours (e.g. wearing masks during a pandemic, or having their children vaccinated against communicable diseases). We might see it as their right to do what they like, and government agency have been understandably reluctant to impinge on their freedoms. Yet, the behaviours of those who ignore healthy behaviours can affect the rest of us. What are the limits that should be imposed by communities or different levels of government so that the few do not endanger the many?