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The business benefits of doing Wendy Woods senior partner and MD Boston consulting group

‘The only way we're going to make substantial progress on the challenging problems of our time is for business to drive the solutions’, says social impact strategist Wendy Woods. In a data-packed talk, Woods shares a fresh way to assess the impact all parts of business can have on all parts of society, and then adjust them to not only do less harm but actually improve things. Learn more about how executives can move beyond corporate social responsibility to ‘total societal impact’ — for the benefit of both a company's bottom line and society at large.

Justice with Harvard professor Michael Sandel

What is the Right thing to do? Watch the videos to hear the Harvard Professor talk about justice, equality, democracy and citizenship. Then visit the community pages to discuss what you think and why.

Cradle to cradle ted talk

Architect William McDonough believes green design can prevent environmental disaster and drive economic growth. He champions ‘cradle to cradle’ design, which considers a product’s full life cycle – from creation with sustainable materials to a recycled afterlife.