SAGE Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Survey example

Comparing a Cell Phone Survey and a Web Survey of University Students Youngje Woo, Sunwoong Kim, Mick P. Couper. Social Science Computer Review. Vol 33, Issue 3, pp. 399 - 410 First Published August 4, 2014

Raento et al. (2012) study

Raento, M., Oulasvirta, A. & Eagle, N. (2012). Smartphones: an emerging tool for social scientists. In Hughes, J. (Ed.) (Ed.), Sage Library of Research Methods: SAGE internet research methods (pp. v3-373-v3-398). London: SAGE Publications Ltd. First Published February, 2009

Mandell (2011) study

Mandell, M. (2011). Having one's cake and eating it, too: combining true experiments with regression discontinuity designs. In Vogt, W. P. (Ed.) (Ed.), SAGE quantitative research methods (pp. 416-434). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. First Published October, 2008