Wright & Ellemor-Collins: The Learning Framework in Number

The online resources for The Learning Framework in Number include:

  • The downloadable LFIN Assessment Kit, including printable resources necessary for carrying out the assessments detailed in the book
  • The downloadable LFIN Teaching Kit, including printable resources for use in classroom teaching

LFIN Assessment Kit

The LFIN Assessment Kit is provided here as a zip file, it includes nine task cards relating to the assessment schedules in the book.

Click here to download the Assessment Kit. 

LFIN Teaching Kit

The LFIN Teaching Kit is split into four separate zip files relating to the mathematical domains discussed in the book. A combined zip of all the Teaching Kit files is included at the bottom of this page

2A-3A Number Words and Numerals

Downloadable resources:

  • Arrow cards
  • Digit cards
  • Numeral rolls
  • Numerals 1-100

Click here to download 2A-3A. 

2B-3B Structuring Numbers

Downloadable resources:

  • Dot configurations cards
  • Fact cards (additions)
  • Fact cards (subtractions)
  • Five frames (partitions of five)
  • Five frames (regular)
  • Ten frames (combinations)
  • Ten frames (partitions of 10)
  • Ten frames (regular)

Click here to download 2B-3B. 

3C-3D CPV and Addition & Subtraction to 100

Downloadable resources:

  • Base-ten dot materials (1s and instructions)
  • Base-ten dot materials (10s and 100s)
  • Full ten frames

Click here to download 3C-3D. 

3E-3F Multiplication and Division

Downloadable resources:

  • Array 10x10
  • Array 50x35
  • Arrays (small)
  • Fact cards (divisions)
  • Fact cards (multiplications)
  • N-groups
  • N-tiles

Click here to download 3E-3F. 

Combined Teaching Kit download

Click here to download all 22 Teaching Kit files.