Connolly et al: Using Randomised Controlled Trials in Education


The following datasets are referred to and used in the book. Click on the relevant links to download them either in SPSS format (“.sav”) or in comma-separated values format (“.csv”). There is also a description of all the datasets provided as a PDF document.

Description of Datasets 

Regression.sav | Regression.csv 

Doodleden.sav | Doodleden.csv 

Booktrust.sav | Booktrust.csv 

MIFC.sav | MIFC.csv 


Effect Size Calculator

The Effect Size Calculator referred to and used in the book (Chapters 4 and 5) is available to download as an Excel spreadsheet (“.xlsx”) by clicking here



Campbell Collaboration

Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation

Cochrane Collaboration


EPPI Centre

Logic Models Website (University of Wisconsin-Extension)

Minim Website

MLwiN (Multilevel Modelling Software)

PRISMA Website

Optimal Design Software (Website)

Optimal Design Software (Manual)

World Health Organisation – International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)