Bruce: Emotional Literacy in the Early Years

Chapter One

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1.1 Project Aims and Objectives 
1.2 Project Action Plan 
1.3 Project Timetable 
1.4 Revised Timetable 
1.5 Nursery Pupil Interview 
1.6 Primary Pupil Interview 
1.7 Nursery Parent Interview 
1.8 Primary Parent Interview 
1.9 Emotional Expression Drawings

Chapter Two

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2.1 List of Stories for Encouraging Discussion 
2.2 Transition Sheet: About Me 
2.3 Example of Emotional Literacy Class Contract 2.4 ‘How I Feel’ Worksheet

Chapter Three

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3.1 A Checklist for Emotional Inclusion 
3.2 Individualised Train Timetable Template 
3.3 Positive Behaviour Support Cards 
3.4 Puppet Letter

Chapter Four

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4.1 Circle Time Lesson 
4.2 Small World Play 
4.3 Wanted Poster and Resource Sheets 
4.4 Parachute Games 
4.5 Ideas for ‘A Pocket of Instant Fun’ 
4.6 Ideas to Establish Creative Outdoor Fun 
4.7 Games Instructions

Chapter Six

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6.1 Useful Web Addresses