Mundy: Succeeding on your School Experience Placement

Here you can find a set of more than 30 templates for chapters 2–11 that you can adapt to use in your specific placement context. These can be used before you start placement right up to the completion of your teaching qualification. Suggested templates cover many different aspects of placement, including:

  • Lesson and unit planning
  • Behaviour management plans
  • Preparing for your final teaching performance assessments
  • Suggested strategies for evaluating the development of your teaching

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Chapter 2: Pre-placement

Chapter 3: Beginning placement

Chapter 4: The placement experience, completing placement

Chapter 5: Post-placement

Chapter 6: Classroom management

Chapter 7: Lesson and unit planning

Chapter 8: Catering for all

Chapter 9: Assessment in the classroom

Chapter 10: Evaluating pedagogy

Chapter 11: Developing theory