Answers to Revise Questions

Identify the different organelles in the human body and state their functions.



Outline the stages of mitosis and meiosis.

Ans: Interphase:  between mitotic cell division, cells carry out functions. Late stage – chromosomes duplicate into two chromatids.

Prophase:  chromosomes split into two chromatids, centrioles separate to each end of the cell with the mitotic spindle between, the nuclear membrane disappears.

Metaphase: chromatids line up along the equator of the spindle attached by centromeres.

Anaphase: the spindle contracts and draws chromatids apart to ends of the cell.

Telophase: chromosomes reform, the nuclear membrane reforms, two identical daughter cells are formed.

Identify the five types of human cells, outline the different variants within each group and clarify their function.


  • Blood and lymph: transport substances around the body.

Blood contains:

erythrocytes that carry oxygen

leucocytes that combat infection

thrombocytes that cause blood clotting

  • Connective:

(See table here: