Identify Third-Party Content

As you are writing, record all occurrences of third-party content on the permissions log, being sure to include full source information.  Additionally, citations should be incorporated in your manuscript near the respective content.  Failing to properly cite the source of third-party content can lead to a plagiarism claim.

Types of material that may be sourced from a third-party:

  • Artistic or Highly Creative Works
  • Drawings, Renderings, or Cartoons
  • Poetry or Lyrics
  • Photos
  • Clip Art
  • Extensive Text Excerpts
  • Figures or Tables
  • Internet/Web Sites/Screenshots
  • Government Publications
  • Interviews
  • Journal Articles
  • Anthology Chapters
  • Newspaper or Magazine Articles
  • Personal Letters
  • Heavily Paraphrased or Summarized Material
  • Patient Information and/or Images
  • Speeches
  • Works Created by Students
  • Author Previously Published Content
  • Unpublished Works