How to Use the CCC's Republication Service®

Before requesting permission, please confirm the details of your publication and the rights needed with your Editorial team.

1. Search for the book or journal you wish to reuse by ISBN or Title on

2. Once the desired title has been selected, click on the ‘Pay-Per-Use Options’ button. This will take you to the list of available reuse options.

3. Scroll down to the ‘Republish or display content’ options, then select ‘Book.’ Click on the ‘Price & Order’ button on the right to continue your order.

4. Click on ‘Describe who will republish the content (person or entity), select ‘Publisher (STM)’.  SAGE Publishing, Corwin Press, and CQ Press are all signatories of the STM Guidelines.
Note: Select ‘Author of requested content’ only if you are the author of the original material you are reusing, then complete the request following the steps below.

5. Next select the portion of the material you are reusing under “I would like to use…” 

  • If you select ‘Chapter/Article’, you will be provided with new fields to indicate which material you are requesting. Type in/select the material to these fields accordingly.
  • If you select ‘excerpt,’ ‘chart/graph/table/figure’, ‘image/photo’, or ‘cartoon’, you will then be prompted to enter the number of these materials you are reusing.

6. For “I want rights for…” select the appropriate selection for your reuse. 

7. For “My format is…” select the box for each of the formats you require. 

8. For “Duration of use…” select the appropriate option. This will typically be either ‘Life of current edition’ or ‘Life of current edition and all future editions.’

9. For Creation of copies for the disabled...” select ‘Yes.’

10. For With minor editing privileges…” select ‘Yes’ only if you will be making minor edits to the material.

11. For “For distribution to…” you will typically select ‘Worldwide.’  However, you can choose one of the other options if your title requires a more limited distribution.

12. For “In the following language(s)...” select the appropriate language option.

13. For With incidental promotional use...” select “Yes.”

14. For The lifetime unit quantity of new product…” select the circulation number which you require. Remember to use the total number of copies expected over the life of the product, not the initial anticipated print run.  If you are requesting permission for multiple formats, you will need to provide the total circulation number for all formats.

15. Once you have completed the form, click the “Get Price” button. The service will then provide you with a quote for the reuse. Before completing the order, please review the Terms of Use, to be sure you are comfortable with the license terms. Click “Continue” to complete your order.  However, depending on the nature of your request, the service may need to change your request to a Special Order, in which case the rightsholder will need to manually approve it. Complete the order, and await a reply from the rightsholder.