Request Permission

Request permission from the copyright holders of any third-party content requiring permission. Track progress of each pending request on the permissions log. 

How to Request

The following steps are suggested when requesting permission:

Step 1:                                      

Determine if content is available via RightsLink® or Copyright Clearance Center® (CCC).  If so, permission should be requested via these platforms. Be sure to review the Terms of Use, and save a copy of all license terms, when permission is obtained.

Step 2:

If permission cannot be obtained via RightsLink or CCC, go directly to the copyright holder.  The best way to approach this will vary for different situations, but we suggest beginning with an internet search.  Once you locate a copyright holder, submit a Permission Request Form that details your request.  The copyright holder may have a permission requesting process in place that you are required to follow and in those cases our standard request form likely cannot be used.  Be sure to include the appropriate rights in your request and that they are reflected in the final license terms.  Once the request is submitted, record the date and method of request on the permissions log.

Rights Required

Unless otherwise communicated to you by your Editorial team, all permissions received must include the following rights, at a minimum:

  • Worldwide Distribution
  • English language
  • Print and digital/electronic formats
  • Life of the current edition
  • Custom and ancillary rights

Please consult with your Editorial Team to determine if your project or any of the third-party content in it require any additional rights.

Note: Rights to edit the original work should be obtained if any adaptations will be made to the content.  In some instances, rightsholders may require you to provide the adapted version for approval.

Requesting From Photo and Video Vendors

Please discuss with your Editorial Team the plan for photos and/or video for your book.  If you will be selecting photos/video for your book, please note that we have negotiated terms with several vendors.  Your Editorial team can advise you of our preferred vendors and process for obtaining permission. If you obtain photos from sources other than vendors with whom we have negotiated arrangments, please be sure all required rights have been obtained, including visual likeness of any identifiable people depicted, and include a full copy of the license in the permissions file.

Previously Published SAGE Content

If you wish to reuse material from a SAGE source, be sure to record the content in an entry on the permissions log, along with full source information.  Your Editorial Team will coordinate a rights review and confirm the reuse of the material. Reuse of SAGE material is not guaranteed. 

Please note: If the content is credited to a third-party within the SAGE source, permission must be sought from the rights holder of the original content.