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Roulston, K., deMarrais, K., & Lewis, J. B. (2003). Learning to interview in the social sciences. Qualitative Inquiry 9(4), 643–668. doi: 10.1177/1077800403252736

Follow-up Activities for “Learning to Interview”:

  1. Extract the major learnings from this article and reflect on how they will inform your own future interviewing practices.
  2. Discuss the different things an interviewer should be thinking about as she is listening to a participant.

Yang, C., Brown, B. B., & Braun, M. T. (2013). From Facebook to cell calls: Layers of electronic intimacy in college students’ interpersonal relationships. New Media & Society 16(1), 5–23. doi: 10.1177/1461444812472486

Follow-up Activities for “From Facebook to Cell Calls”:

  1. Evaluate whether focus group interviews, rather than individual participant interviews, were appropriate data collection methods for this particular study, and why.
  2. Discuss other research topics or questions that would be appropriate to explore through college-level focus group interviews.