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Lincoln, Y. S., & Tierney, W. G. (2004). Qualitative research and institutional review boards. Qualitative Inquiry 10(2), 219–234. doi: 10.1177/1077800403262361

Follow-up Activities for “Qualitative Research and IRBs”:

  1. Informally interview someone who has submitted a qualitative research proposal to a university IRB and inquire about his or her application process and experiences. Compare what he or she relates to the dilemmas outlined by the article’s co-authors.
  2. Discuss who “owns” the data (interview transcripts, participant observation field notes, etc.) collected and documented by the researcher in a qualitative study.

Speedy, J., & “The Unassuming Geeks.” (2011). “All Googled out on suicide”: Making collective biographies out of silent fragments with “The Unassuming Geeks.” Qualitative Inquiry 17(2), 134–143. doi: 10.1177/1077800410392333

Follow-up Activities for “All Googled Out on Suicide”:

  1. Discuss the ethical complexities involved with researching at-risk populations with mental health issues.
  2. Discuss how participatory qualitative research might serve as a therapeutic modality for its participants.