SAGE Journal Articles

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Hlava, P., & Elfers, J. (2014). The lived experience of gratitude. Journal of Humanistic Psychology 54(4), 434–455. doi: 10.1177/0022167813508605

Follow-up Activities for “The Lived Experience of Gratitude”:

  1. Discuss how your own personal experiences of gratitude align with the co-authors’ categories and findings.
  2. Using Hlava and Elfers’ methodological approach and research design as a template, discuss other phenomenological experiences that could be comparably investigated.

Nordmarken, S. (2014). Becoming ever more monstrous: Feeling transgender in-betweenness. Qualitative Inquiry 20(1), 37–50. doi: 10.1177/1077800413508531

Follow-up Activities for “Becoming Ever More Monstrous”:

  1. Evaluate the author’s effectiveness in communicating his transgender experiences autoethnographically. How might the article have been different if the author’s experiences were instead documented as a case study conducted by a non-transgender researcher?
  2. Discuss how the writing and content of this article can be considered “political.”

Santos-Guerra, M. A., & Fernández-Sierra, J. (1996). Qualitative evaluation of a program on self-care and health education for diabetics. Evaluation 2(3), 339–347. doi: 10.1177/135638909600200307

Follow-up Activities for “Qualitative Evaluation”:

  1. Assess how the “First Stage of the Evaluation” informed the co-authors’ “Report On the Second Stage” in this article.
  2. Discuss why periodic researcher’s self-evaluation periods are necessary while conducting an evaluation study.