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Craft, M., Patchell, B., Friedman, J., Stephens, L., & Dwyer, K. (2016). The experience of cancer in American Indians living in Oklahoma. Journal of Transcultural Nursing [in press]. doi: 10.1177/1043659616634169

Follow-up Activities for “The Experience of Cancer”:

  1. Discuss how the researchers implemented “culturally specific” methods to interview their participants.
  2. Discuss how the coding and thematic analysis were grounded in the participants’ cultural as well as health care experiences.

Fredricks, J. A., Alfeld-Liro, C. J., Hruda, L. Z., Eccles, J. S., Patrick, H., & Ryan, A. M. (2002). A qualitative exploration of adolescents’ commitment to athletics and the arts. Journal of Adolescent Research 17(1), 68–97. doi: 10.1177/0743558402171004

Follow-up Activities for “A Qualitative Exploration of Adolescents”:

  1. Discuss how the use of In Vivo Codes/Themes assisted the analysis of interview transcripts.
  2. Evaluate how the co-authors’ use of participant quotes from interview transcripts supports their analysis and findings.