SAGE Journal Articles

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Cranmer, G. A., Anzur, C. K., & Sollitto, M. (2016). Memorable messages of social support that former high school athletes received from their head coaches. Communication & Sport [in press]. doi: 10.1177/2167479516641934

Follow-up Activities for “Memorable Messages”:

  1. Assess the efficacy of the open-ended, written questionnaire as the qualitative data collection instrument for this particular study.
  2. Discuss other possible research design decisions (e.g., participant selection and data collection methods) that would have also answered the co-authors’ central research question.

Harte, J. D., Sheehan, A., Stewart, S. C., & Foureur, M. (2016). Childbirth supporters’ experiences in a built hospital birth environment: Exploring inhibiting and facilitating factors in negotiating the supporter role. Health Environments Research & Design Journal [in press]. doi: 10.1177/1937586715622006

Follow-up Activities for “Childbirth Supporters’ Experiences”:

  1. Discuss how video was utilized during participant interviews, analyzed through coding methods, and provided still images for illustrative purposes in the article.
  2. Evaluate how the data analysis led to the final “Design Recommendations” in Table 4.

Kohli, R. (2016). Behind school doors: The impact of hostile racial climates on urban teachers of color. Urban Education [in press]. doi: 10.1177/0042085916636653

Follow-up Activities for “Behind School Doors”:

  1. Discuss how the conceptual framework (epistemological, theoretical, and methodological premises) for this study influenced and affected its data collection and data analytic methods.
  2. Assess how the study’s central research question was answered through the author’s chosen data collection methods.