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Video Textbook

Whether you want to build confidence around key terms or develop more practical skills around working with qualitative data, David’s collection of videos is here to help.

Video Glossary: Get to grips with definitions of key terms and see an example or application of that term in practice.

Confused?: Troubleshoot common points of confusion and get guidance from David about what to do when something doesn’t go as planned.

Curious?: Go beyond the text and explore more detailed examples and more advanced applications of qualitative techniques, tools and methods.

Need a Quick Solution?: Make the most of your research process even when you’re short on time and keep track of the most important elements of each step.

Methods in Practice: Get a window into each of the methods discussed in the book and see examples of research in the real world.

Additional Online Resources

Want more support on your exam, assessment or research project? Explore the rest of the online resources.

Multiple Choice Questions to test yourself on important concepts and identify your strengths and weakness for each chapter.

Assessment Toolkit to get started on your assessment, keep momentum and get the mark you want with weblinks, templates, checklists, and examples which help you complete a literature review, case study, group report, or oral exam.

Exercise Workbook to revise, reflect, and take notes in your exercise workbook, and helps you apply your newfound knowledge to real-world research examples and begin to work with qualitative data.

Explore Online provides insider guidance from trusted experts on interpreting and doing qualitative research through this treasure chest of online resources collated from the explore online links in the book.

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