Chapter 9: Ethnography

For an introduction to ethnography using the example of research on libraries, visit:

For an example of an ethnography aimed at understanding how people manage their atten­tion in their daily lives, and how smartphone notifications play a role in that process, go to:

Eamonn Carrabine’s (2014) article ‘Seeing things’ explores the relationships between photog­raphy and criminology as they have evolved over time to enable a richer understanding of how the modern criminal subject is constructed and how archival practices have a significant bearing on how meanings are organised:

For a brief assessment of Hughes’s work by another master ethnographer, go to:

To read Zickar and Carter’s (2010) paper, visit:

The following article by Ruth Wallace et al. (2018) uses netnography to examine the Supporting Nutrition for Australian Childcare (SNAC) online community of practice, estab­lished to support healthy eating practices in early childhood education and care settings:

To read van Doorn’s (2013) paper online, go to:

For an interview with Robert Kozinets about netnography, go to:

You can find Marie Buscatto’s (2008) ethnography of insurance companies at:

CAQDAS software:

1. NVivo


3. ATLAS.ti