Chapter 11: Naturally Occurring Talk

For my recent journal article on the Interview Society (Silverman, 2017), go to:

This following paper by Genus and Theobald (2014) applies critical discourse analysis to the British debate about the creation of low-carbon neighbourhoods, focusing on competing dis­courses, which tend to marginalise residents:

For a talk from Ernesto laclau on how you can use CDA to analyse political language, go to:

Raento et al. (2009) discuss how to use smartphones to record data. Go to:

If you are interested in broadcast news reporting, you will find Cottle and Rai’s (2007) study on Australian TV news, which uses Goffman’s concept of ‘framing’, at:

Emanuel A. Schegloff’s transcription training module can be accessed at:

More on DA can be found online at Loughborough University’s site: