Chapter 15: The Relevance of Qualitative Research

Jane K. Lê’s (2013) excellent qualitative study of how the oil industry deals with pressures about the environment can be found at:

You can read Alison Brown’s (2010) paper at:

Sometimes researchers make the mistake of thinking that you can influence policy simply by sending in a report. Sue Oreszczyn and Susan Carr (2008) argue that researchers need to think more broadly about how to get research across to governments. The following example shows how they used interactive workshops with civil servants that involved different ‘sce­narios’ to discuss research on GM foods:

Quoting my own research as well as his work on disabled people using buses in Boston, Ross Koppel (2008) demonstrates the relevance of qualitative research:

For further analysis of architects’ work, see the paper by Lorenzo Mondada (2012), at:

For more by Luff and Heath (2012) on visual research, visit:

The Brookings Institute (United States) provides reports of the relation between research and public policy:

You can read my private clinic study (Silverman 1984) at:

You can read Frith and Kitzinger’s (1998) paper at:

You can read Hepburn and Potter’s (2004) paper at: