Video: Phoenix Ph.D., A. (Academic). (2017). Researching masculinities using narrative methods [Streaming video]. Retrieved from SAGE Research Methods.

How the Boys Constructed their Identities

Analysing Interviews

Dr. Ann Phoenix discusses the use of narrative data collection as a method for researching children. She explains research that relied on the narratives of adolescent boys, and reveals how her team gathered rich data from this target group using a combination of group discussions and two individual interviews with 39 of the same boys. In the fourth segment, she describes the methods used and the kind of data they generated and in the fifth segment she describes some of the ways they approached their data and what they found out from the boys’ stories.

Video: Wiggins Ph.D., S. (Academic). (2017). Researching disgust: linking theory and methods [Streaming video]. Retrieved from SAGE Research Methods.

In Segment Five, Data Analysis and Findings, Wiggins describes her use of discursive analysis, showing how instances of disgust are linked to prior and following patterns of speech.

See also Chapter 15: Robins-Browne et al. (2019) on combining emergent theory with existing theory in narrative analysis; and Chapter 5: Guyotte (2014) on analysing visual-verbal narrative.