Journal Articles

Robins-Browne, K., Guilleman, M., Hegarty, K., & Palmer, V. J. (2019). Bringing together the listening guide and moral self-definition for narrative analysis of older people’s understanding of health-related decision-making. Qualitative Research, 19(5), 594–610. doi:10.1177/1468794118786613

Robins-Browne et al. analysed narratives of older people about making major health decisions using Gilligan’s listening guide. They used I-poems to develop a typology of responses to health decisions, and considered these in relation to relational and contextual aspects of decision-making regarding advanced care planning (ACP). They then extended their contextual analysis using a theoretical framework of moral self-definition as revealed by earlier decisions, finally demonstrating how these two approaches worked synergistically to contribute to ethical theory regarding ACP.