Case Studies

Guyotte, K. W. (2014). Visual–verbal narrative analysis: Practicalities, possibilities, and challenges in transdisciplinary visual journal research. SAGE Research Methods Cases. doi: 10.4135/978144627305013512938

Kelly Guyotte’s SRM Case is of interest in the context of Chapter 5 primarily because she reports studying (and provides extensive examples of) the reflective visual/narrative journals of students engaged in a transdisciplinary design studio – journals which could serve as a model for researchers recording initial reflections on data. More incidentally for here (but relevant to chapters 10 and 11), she used a form of visual-verbal narrative inquiry as a window to understanding students’ experience of the course, as expressed in their journals.

See also Chapter 1: Sandelowski (1995) recommends imaginative play as an early strategy in qualitative analysis, to avoid premature closure and presumptive bias in investigations.