Chapter 1: The nature of leadership

Journal Article 1.1: Trumpy, A.J. and Elliott, M. (2019) ‘You lead like a girl: Gender and children’s leadership development’, Sociological Perspectives, 62(3): 346–365.

Description: This article contributes to better understand how well-intentioned organizations and authorities, seeking to minimize gender disparities and develop strong leaders, unwittingly reproduce gender differences and perpetuate gender inequality.


Journal Article 1.2: Sudha, K.S., Shahnawaz, M. G. and Farhat, A. (2016) ‘Leadership styles, leader’s effectiveness and well-being: Exploring Collective Efficacy as a Mediator’, Vision, 20(2): 111–120.

Description: This article explored the indirect linkages of collective efficacy on leadership styles, effectiveness and well-being.