Chapter 14: Gender and leadership

Journal Article 14.1: Iles, P. and Preece, D. (2006) ‘Developing leaders or developing leadership? the academy of chief executives’, Programmes in the North East of England. Leadership, 2(3): 317–340.

Description: The article distinguishes between leaders and leadership on the one hand, and leader and leadership development on the other. It is argued that leadership development has often been equated with leader development, with the resulting focus upon the individual, as against attending to the social, political, collective and other contexts of action and meaning.


Journal Article 14.2: de Haan, E. (2016) ‘The leadership shadow: how to recognise and avoid derailment, hubris and overdrive’, Leadership, 12(4): 504–512.

Description: In his influential book Capital in the 21st Century, Thomas Piketty (2014) shows that the present rate of return on capital being higher than economic growth is leading to increasing wealth and income inequality, which ultimately stifles our growth and prosperity. This article discusses a similar pattern applying to top leadership in corporates, where current growth rates of managerial discretion and remuneration topple increases in leadership effectiveness, which is leading to organisational inequalities that are stifling our economy’s development, agility and growth.